PigGen Canada is a not for profit organization managed by a Board of Directors with representatives from member organizations.

PigGen Canada was incorporated on June 23, 2009 by swine genetic organizations in Canada in order to seize new opportunities from developments that were taking place in the field of genomics and genetics. Our objectives are two-fold:

  • Represent the Canadian swine genetics industry with a single voice
  • Develop strategies and support for Canadian swine genetics research in concert with the priorities of the Canadian pork industry.

Virtually all of the swine breeding organizations with active nucleus development programs in Canada are represented and we are open to new applicants. We feel that an inclusive approach to membership is fundamental to achieving our objectives. We are working closely with other industry organizations and the research community in Canada and globally.

In 2014 PigGen Canada to further its goals of inclusivity for the sector, PigGen Canada widened its membership categories to accept:

  • as full members organisations with a significant interest in swine breeding in Canada and
  • as partner members all organisations and individuals with an interest in the swine industry from anywhere in the world